6 Things Kenyan Men Secretly Wish Ladies Would Abstain From

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Some Kenyan girls and women think that personal appearance is the most important thing that men look for in a woman. Wrong!

Even if there is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself and putting an effort into your own appearance, men often don’t even care about it.

There is ore to it than a pretty face and a nice body sis!

If you don’t want to be an annoying girlfriend, here are annoying habits you should avoid. Your man would definitely appreciate it if you avoid these habits.

Having two-sides

You have probably been in a situation where you are super nice to your friends in front of them, but talk bad things about them behind their back? Well, men don’t like it.

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They don’t like double-faced girls because then they think, ”If she is behaving that way with her friends, she must be doing the same thing to me. I don’t like it.”

Sharing Relationship Problems with Friends

Ups and downs are expected in every relationship. When you are having issues in your relationship, guys expect you not to discuss relationship issues with others, especially on social media.

Not all girls do this but if you are part of those ladies, it’s important you know that it’s an annoying habit. Guys hate washing their dirty linen in public.

Being Either Too Clingy or Too Independent

Kenyan men love it when their girlfriend finds a middle ground; they don’t expect their girlfriend to be super clingy and they also don’t expect her to be too independent.

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While most men understand the need to be either of the two, he also expects moderation. Being too clingy or too independent would make you come across to him as very annoying.


Have you ever been in a situation where you looked at other guys and forgot the man in front of you? How would you feel if he did the same thing to you flirting with other girls and ignoring you while doing it?

Even though you have ‘caught’ the guy you liked, you should stop flirting with him. Flirt with your boyfriend instead. If you are really addicted to flirting, you could, from time to time, play a flirting game with him.

‘I am okay’

Image result for black man angry at girlfriend

This has probably happened to you many times. You are distressed but don’t want to talk about your feelings hoping that your boyfriend will somehow be able to understand how you feel without you telling him. If you have something that is bothering you, you should find the right words to express it.

Being competitive for no reason

You might think that the other woman is more attractive or better looking and you will feel bad about yourself. Comparing yourself to another person ruins your ego, which later affects who you are as a person, you can either just become  rude, or even cruel.

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