Klopp Reveals Secret Behind Liverpool’s Turnaround Against Man United

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Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp has revealed what worked for his side at Old Trafford on Sunday.

The Reds were trailing 1-0 and struggling for fluency on the hour mark, calling for second-half changes which bore fruits-the visitors picking a tepid one point from the encounter.

Klopp says his substitutes Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Adam Lallana and Naby Keita pumped fresh air into the squad.

“[It was] very important today (Sunday) that we could do it like this, we could change like this, that the boys are in shape,” he told reporters at Old Trafford.

“Coming on, being fresh, being immediately in the game, doing the job, being in between the lines.

“It was clear. The setup of United was really clear, they all had an outstanding attitude today, passing the balls there, Young is jumping up on Trent already, things like that.

“We were not really inspired, we passed these balls, we did all the predictable things they could defend, that’s how it is. We were not at all unpredictable.

“When we could have turned the other way around, because we are not orientated—like kind of impressed by the challenges they had—we didn’t play real football.

“Then with just Hendo a bit higher we immediately did more, and then we brought first the two guys in between the lines which helped massively, caused them problems, they couldn’t adjust to that as quick.

“We didn’t have chance after chance, but we deserved that goal, I think we all agree about that.”

“Naby was then on as well, helped as well, fresh legs, being there, passing safe, and not always doing the obvious things,” the manager continued.

“So go a bit higher and pass the ball then, and that’s how the goal happened. He could pass the ball to Robbo.

“I don’t know who did that [before] when he has to run sideways and cannot cross the ball, [but] if you pass it in exactly that way [like Keita did], then he can make a first-touch cross and we can score the goal.

“So the little details are important, they were better with the three boys coming on, that really helped a lot and so I’m happy about that.

“And especially, of course, about the fact that Adam scored this goal, a very important one. So all good!”

With this result, Liverpool are still on top of the premier league while Man United are 13th.

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