7 Things Every Pregnant Woman Needs but Forgets to Pack in Their Hospital Bag


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A hospital bag is essentially the bag holding all the important stuff before heading to the hospital when the baby is due.

It is essential to start packing for the hospital before its too late which is around four months. It sounds early and many women overlook this advice and hence they end up without essentials when at the hospital.

Pregnancy brain is real and if you wait until the last minute, you’ll be crying about more than just the contractions. Here are some essentials soon-to-be-mothers always forget to carry when packing is done in a rush:

Your phone charger.

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Trust me you will need a charger when at the hospital. People don’t usually remember to carry one since they use it plugged in the wall until the last minute. An important life hack is to buy an extra charger and keep it in the hospital bag.

Comfortable pillows

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Hospitals are not the most comfortable places to be and neither are their pillows. Do yourself a favor and carry one for yourself.


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When pregnant and almost due, most women experience swollen feet that make everything more difficult. While you’re pacing around the labour ward, you will need a good pair of slippers.

Car seat

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It is important to ensure that you and your partner have the car seat already installed and that you know how to work it before leaving the house.

Nursing Bra

By the time you give birth, you will constantly be nursing your little one. This comes with constant milk leakage and comfortable nursing bras are a necessity.

Maternity Pads

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New moms undergo some level of bleeding and while hospitals offer maternity pads, its important to carry your own just in case.

Going home outfits

I know it sounds insane to forget to carry these clothes but most women do. They usually have some for the baby but not enough or none for themselves.


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