BANTER: If KPL was EPL, AFC Leopards Coach Casa Mbungo Would Be Ole Gunner

This is a hilarious banter about two football coaches born and bred in different set-ups miles apart. Coaches managing two clubs with different history and dynamics, but have two major things in common; the fame and the intention to reclaim glory. Of course, in their respective Premier Leagues.

This is out-of-the-world thinking that was never meant to happen, but it has unfolded right in front of your eyes, thanks to the return of leagues from FIFA break. Twenty (20) clubs are getting back to English artificial turfs for Premier League action while eighteen (18) have rolled up their sleeves for gruelling battles on the unkempt Kenyan Premier League pitches.

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Technically, Ole Gunnar Solskjær ’s Manchester United and Andre Casa Mbungo’s AFC Leopards will be on duty this weekend when the Red Devils play host to Liverpool at Old Trafford and Ingwe fight to claw Western Stima at Kenyatta Stadium in Machakos County.

For both clubs; fanfare, season performance and the dire need to win the immediate matches are common-depending on how you look at it.

Solskjær’s men have not impressed so far this season and they sit on ‘unfamiliar’ 12th position on the EPL table with a paltry nine points, 15 less than those of leaders Liverpool. With all this in mind, the Norwegian manager is heading into the 9th fixture minus fans’ support. Apparently, the initial love between him and fans has faded away.

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On the other hand, Andre Casa Mbungo also knows very well he has no complete fan support ahead of their Western Stima tie. Ingwe fans always want nothing but the best and seeing Gor Mahia (who have a match at hand) at the league’s summit makes them absolutely unhappy.

We can predict that if Ingwe fall against the Powermen, most fans would want to see the Tanzanian coach out of the den. The two coaches have the same pressure.

That’s for their immediate fixture, but we cannot forget a bit of comprehensive stats glory status of these widely-followed clubs.

Ole Gunnar is on the wheel for the most successful club in the history of Premier League, the same case with Casa Mbungo whose club is only second to arch-rivals Gor Mahia. Both coaches have the pressure of winning at least a league title in order to rekindle their glorious days.

Then comes the derby effect. Kenya’s 13-time league champions have literary reduced Mashemeji derby against KÓgalo into a bad joke. Their age-long rivals (Gor Mahia) have dominated the famous derby the longest time in recent past.

And this is also seen in England where the Red Devils have been squirming in, for instance, Manchester Derby-relinquishing the pride to Man City.

Going by the current table standings for both clubs, AFC Leopards seem to be finding their foot while Man United are deteriorating.

Is Andre Casa Mbungo running away from this hoodoo?

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