Utajipanga! Pastor Ng’ang’a Rudely Responds to His Secretary After She Pleaded for His Help

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Neno Evangelism Church’s pastor Ng’ang’a rudely responded to his church’s secretary after she called him asking for help after being arrested alongside other travelers in a matatu.

She was arrested along others for not having buckled up their seat belts. Full of hope, the secretary called her pastor requesting him to help her in being released from the police station.

In response, Ng’ang’a asked her why she was in the wrong while else she knew very well that she is supposed to buckle up the set belts every time she is on board.

“Jana secretary amenipigia simu, wameshikwa huko hawajafunga mshipi. Nikamwambia utajipanga, kwani nini hukufunga mshipi na ulikuwa kwa gari,” he said.

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His response is not so shocking.

It comes after he chased away his church technician during a crusade gathering at Thika. Nganga insulted him saying that he was nothing.

“Enda hapo Si ni, wewe toka hapo. Toka hapo unafanya kazi ya bure. You are nothing. Huwezi kuwa na feedback ya main na huwezi monitor,” he said.

This was after one of the microphones failed to work during his deliverance moment. Ng’ang’a became so annoyed with the operator that he had to send him out of the service.

He has been making headlines of late with his weird styles of preaching and how he treats his church members. This comes after he left his congregation in stitches after he shared his past life.

During church service, he talked of how he used to use bhang together with changaa. He hilariously revealed how he would see policemen looking like small children due to the effects of the drugs. It was his norm being in and out of police cells.

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