Top KTN Journalist Lashes Out At Murkomen Over His Remarks Towards Kipchoge

A collage of Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen and KTN journalist Tony Gachoka.

KTN journalist Tony Gachoka has slammed Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen over his remarks directed towards the world most decorated marathoner Eliud Kipchoge and his legal team.

The KTN’s Pointblank show host castigated Murkomen seemingly accusing him of poking his nose in matters that are not his.

Taking to his Twitter account, the journalist ridiculed the Senator and went ahead to accuse him of irregular dealings.

“@DonaldBKipkorir this guy @kipmurkomen has an inferiority complex; what does he want with your client @EliudKipchoge your instructions have caused him mental anguish.

Stealing makes it difficult to appreciate work. Recently he was peddling that I be arrested for enjoying my life,” tweeted Gachoka.

The KTN journalist was reacting to a comment made by the senator who said that a move by Kipchoge to threaten a lawsuit against NRG radio was ‘terribly misadvised.’

The Senator added that the move dots his clean reputation saying other mechanisms of getting the problem solved existed.

The remarks by Murkomen sparked an online exchange with Kipchoge’s lawyer Donald Kipkorir who defended his client’s decision.

He went ahead and dared the Senator to represent the NRG radio if he felt their case against the station had no basis.

In response, Murkomen tweeted: “Hey, Don, I didn’t know you are the one who misled Kipchoge&I didn’t say so. I however strongly believe that this matter would better be handled out of the limelight.

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42 kilometre World record-holder Eliud Kipchoge.

There is a Serena “Hotel” in my village which sells only tea & Mandazi. I don’t expect the real Serana Hotel to sue.”

Kipkorir clapped back by saying: “Don’t worry my Senator …… there is no Big Corruption or small corruption… Eliud Kipchoge is a bigger brand than that restaurant you refer to…

Intellectual Property Rights of athletes must be protected at all costs… But am not surprised you support the theft of IP Rights!”

On Friday, Kipchoge, through his lawyer Kipkorir, threatened to take legal action against NRG Radio if his three demands were not met within two hours.

The athlete had cited a violation of his name, images and reputation by the media company. The radio station had used Kipchoge’s details in their social media accounts and blogs.

Kipchoge wrote to the NRG radio demanding that it expunges his name and image from their products and also write an apology in that effect.

The athlete also demanded the station to express willingness to engage in monetary compensation for the violations.

Reacting to one his followers’ question, Lawyer Kipkorir confirmed that NRG radio had complied to the demands.


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