Ruto Reveals Why Punguza Mizigo Bill Was Doomed to Fail, Supports BBI

Former Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto.

Former Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto and Chama Cha Mashinani(CCM) Party Leader Isaac Ruto has said that the Punguza Mizigo Bill was doomed to fail from the onset.

The former governor, in video footage uploaded by MKN YouTube account on Friday, slammed Aukot for failing to involve Kenyans in his constitutional amendments.

“Punguza Mizigo amendments were doomed to fail from the beginning. Because Ekuru Aukot refused to involve other Kenyans in discussing what was required to be amended in the constitution.

He did it all alone and I personally talked to him and asked him why he was not involving other people because there are certain things that are basic,” said Ruto.

The CCM party leader added that the proposals in the Bill also scared away MCAs from endorsing it.

Ruto opposed the move to scrap some positions saying it was not a threat to the Kenyan economy as insinuated in the Bill.

“You cannot take away that which has been given and expect the same people to vote for it. There are no huge costs in representing people.,” said Ruto.

The Former Governor, however, gave the Building Bridges Initiative a nod saying they had held thorough consultation with Kenyans in coming up with ways in which the country can be brought together.

Thirdway Alliance Party Leader Ekuru Aukot. His party sponsored the Punguza Mizigo Bill.

“At least the BBI group have gone around the country soliciting for views including inviting political parties to giving their views.

I hope they will come up with ideas that have been synthesized from the views of Kenyans. That is the most important thing. What we need now is inclusivity in the government,” said the former Governor.

The Governor’s sentiments come at a time when the Punguza Mizigo Bill is on its deathbed with only one County Assembly endorsing it, several shutting it down and others yet even to discuss it.

On the other hand, the BBI team is expected to present its report to President Uhuru Kenyatta and Nasa leader Raila Odinga on Thursday, October 24.

Here is Ruto’s Video speech courtesy of MKN:


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