My Husband Loves Watching Me Having Sex with Other Men – Nairobi Lady

Married Couple (Pexel)

For many men, the idea of their wife sleeping with another man is enough to send them into a jealous rage.

However, for this man he actually enjoys it and brings his friends and aquaintances over for threesomes and sometimes he backs out of the session altogether to just watch.

In a post on Telegram, the disturbed lady shared her story.

Disturbed lady (Courtesy)

“I would like you to post this on confessions. Mine is weird and I don’t think there is no other man weirder than my husband. We have been married for six years now and he is older than me with nine years. I always sensed he was a weird person even before we met but I never guessed he would be this weird. Four years into the marriage, he brings this guy jioni, a former high school classmate and friend he said. we have supper then my hubby suggests that we drink to the friend. I have to admit that the guy was hot but I didn’t get any more ideas into my head at that time. That ‘drink to a friend’ turned into serious drinking and then he popped a few rolls of weed from his pocket. I had never smoked weed before and being high I just smoked when my husband passed it on to me. I got as high as never before,” she confessed.

I got as high as never before – Lady (Courtesy)

That’s when things started getting weird and her husband started touching her in front of his friends, his friend joined in and to the surprise of the wife, her husband did not look bothered.

“As a matter of fact, my husband stopped and started recording the session I can’t quite remember,” she revealed.

The foreplay quickly generated into a steamy session with her husband recording everything.

“Next day the jamaa was not there, he had left but my hubby wasn’t angry at me. In fact, for the first time, he prepared breakfast for me and told me am the best thing that has ever happened to him. I asked why and he told me that he enjoys that and wondered how he would approach me and then apologized for using that method. Till then to date, he brings guys over to f**k me while he watches and masturbates to it. He mostly prefers young guys in college with good physique,” she added.

He brings guys over to f**k me while he watches – Woman (Instagram)

To make sure that she doesn’t get pregnant or contract an STI the partners invited into their relationship usually undergo a thorough STI screening and the woman has been put on family planning.

“We use family and makes sure all tests are done before bringing the guy home at a random time, I never know when another will arrive. I have got used to this so much that I can’t live without doing it. I enjoy it so much because other than strengthening our marriage, all parties are satisfied… I have no problem with it. I think there is no one else in the world who has ever gone through that so I guess am alone in that group. Thank you so much for this platform, I have shared a secret without fear of people tarnishing my name. Blessings,” she wrote concluding her bizarre tale.

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