Kenyans Believe These are The Main Reasons Why Men are Poor in Bed

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Kenyans ladies shocked many with their revelations after a conversation stirred online on why most men do not perform in bed.

There are different kinds of men out there, and as they differ in behavior and attitude, so do they differ in their wants and needs. The same reflects in their sexual life.

When it comes to making the choice of whom to make out with, there are so many factors that men put into consideration.

Some care about physical attributes, and the others look skin deep. That said, it’s common knowledge that a majority of men always put what the eyes can see before anything else.

However, there are some disturbing issues that can damage one’s sexual life.

These sexual issues could make it difficult for you to enjoy intercourse and could pose certain problems between you and your partner.

  • Premature Ejaculation- recurrent ejaculation with minimal sexual stimulation before, on, or shortly after penetration.
  • Erectile dysfunction – inabilityy to attain, or to maintain an adequate erection until completion of the sexual activity.
  • Dyspareunia- recurrent or persistent genital pain associated with sexual intercourse

Here is what Kenyan ladies believe was making most men not to perform sexually.

Phoncy Harriet Eng’ina points ni zilezile ; poor infrastructure, lack of government support, inadequate personnel, natural calamities, overdependence on foreign aids, refugee problems, political instability etc
Stacy Kesh Verbal diarrhea and farting unceremoniously

Haroun Risa Not having the right connection with your partner, for starters. Not being in the mood at all but your partner seems extremely demanding and insensitive. Not being mentally and physically healthy enough to reciprocate extreme demands from your partner.

Ruth Ndanu Mwendwa masturbation is the killer of all secondly is tobacco watching pornography miraa drinking excess alcohol stress and above all poor dieting if you are doing any of the above ni kidogo tu tukuite mwanamke suruali

Raff Bin Women are tend of bringing up sitting room issue just after the game begun,, from that point man’s performance lowers automatically, let every ground have is own game!!!

Leyla Michael’s Eating too much,unapata mtu amekula sima,mchicha,simsim,maharagwe then ameongeza maziwa lala,so akifika bed nikulala Kama gunia la chumvi😂😂😂😂that thing hurts alot.

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