Kawagware Touts and Other Professions Kenyans Think are Overrated

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Despite some professions may look from the outside, many jobs aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.We have all made assumptions on people we meet within our everyday interactions some of whom we judged based on how they did their work.

Some may seem easy to do while others are as tough as they come.Kenyans, in particular, are good at passing judgements anyway, but let us not point fingers today, right?

A few netizens took to social media highlighting professions they thought were overrated and these people though they had made it in life.

Here are some professions Kenyans think are overrated:

Mpesa Ladies

Time and again most of us have had interactions with an mpesa lady who carried an attitude for the entire village. She will snob you for a service that you never forced her to render.

Kawangware Touts

These Makangas are just something else. At the rush hour just getting close to GPO they will not allow you to alight from the bus even when there is no traffic police and all vehicles are on a standstill, yaani utajua ujui! It is at that moment when you realize their profession is nothing to joke about.

Supermarket Attendants with Passwords

Ever been to tuskys and the cashier just starts shouting password only for you to see some jamaa or lady comes with a badge. Wueh! These people truly think they have made it in life, if the password attendant becomes occupied with something, you will have to wait till they come, they basically hold your time by their hands.

City Council ‘Kanjo’

While they should be enforcing law and order in Nairobi’s CBD, these men and women will harass you for no apparent reason. They will arrest hawkers and conductors, dumping them at the back of the vehicle and an only release them at a fee.

Kenyatta Hospital Guards

Security guards at Kenyatta hospital often illegally detain patients long after they should be medically discharged. The guards will lock doors and even put chains to hold people who have not settled their accounts. Asking whether they have not made it in life? Even death does not guarantee release with these people.


Even though some are hardworking and will due they job perfectly, the majority of some caretakers in these Nairobi are rude and will issue the tenant with threats each passing day.

‘Deree Wa Squad’

If you have been brought up in Eastlands then this will make so much sense to you. Matatus have this thing called a squad where drivers interchange and one goes to ferry people from the east while the other one is on standby.

Usually, the one taking the squad will drive recklessly and with so much swag, making you question what the fuss is all about.

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