EXCLUSIVE: Sex Scam Rocks Kenya Volleyball, Top Official Kicked Out

Matters have gotten out of hands at Kenya Volleyball Federation (KVF) following the recent suspension of their Organizing Secretary, Ismail Chege.

It has now emerged that Chege was, on Saturday, suspended for two years, as a result of a leaked love affair between top officials of the federation.

A highly-placed source has confirmed that First Vice-chairman Charles Nyaberi and Vice-Chairperson (Gender) Waweru Mududa are allegedly said to be an item for a long time. And that Chege is accused of leaking out the guarded secret.

It is, however, important to note that both Nyaberi and Mududa are separately married-explaining how it got messy when the allegation erupted.

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In an email sent to Team Managers and seen by Opera News, Chege has mentioned the love affair as the main reason why he was kicked out of the KVF secretariat.

“I hope this mail finds you well and energetic enough with the task of your teams.

“I take this opportunity to thank you all for the support you have been giving me all this time I have been with you.

“I know you will learn from social media why am telling you goodbye, but I’ve found it important to inform you of what had happened and why I won’t be in Kapsabet and any other volleyball event as your NSOS until further notice.

“Mr Nyaberi (the Deputy Chairman) and Mududa (the vice chairperson-gender) alleged that, I called one team manager and told him/her that they are lovers, and many other allegations such as I don’t respect some members eg last year during playoffs, I did not respect Nyaberi in front of public, I must stand when greeting Mududa (Waweru). The allegations were countless; these are just some.

“Due to their incitement and lobbying with a lot of support from Mbuthia (deputy treasurer), they managed to have a big number in the NEC and I was suspended for two years.

“So let’s wait for the decision from the next AGM to ratify it. They tried to bring it up during last the AGM and it didn’t go through.

“To conclude, I just apologize to anyone of you whom I might have wronged without during my work and hope to meet you again,” the letter read.

It’s the second time Chege is being kicked out of the federation, the first one was in 2015 for alleged misappropriation of funds.

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