Compound Sweeper With a Degree Contemplating Suicide [Video]

Risper Moraa Nyaberi
Risper Moraa Nyaberi [Photo, Courtesy]
Education is the key to success. At least educated Kenyans with jobs can attest to this, but this isn’t the case for all.

For the jobless lot with university education like Risper Moraa Nyaberi things are different, the above sounds like just an empty statement.

Risper graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting Option) in 2016 from Chuka University but is currently living with her mother at Ogembo in Kisii.

She says, in a video shared on social media, that her search for work has borne no fruit since quitting her job in 2018 at garments making firm in Kitengela to go look after her sick mother.

“My mum got sick and could not cater to my siblings so I had to come back home to help her,” adding that her mother’s sickness rendered her unable to raise her right arm.

She adds the only jobs she has managed to get back home are farm help duties where she gets at least Ksh 100 a day.

Watch video here:

She revealed that the hard life she is experiencing has made her contemplate suicide several times.

“Life has been hard and most of the times I have thought of committing suicide,” she narrated.

She says life at home is expensive and unbearable. Even worse, she has to encounter constant criticism from her village mates who regard her education as worthless.

She has appealed to the government and other well-wishers to help her secure a job.

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