7 Romantic Ways You Can Compliment Your Man’s Manhood

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Most men value compliments about their bedroom performance and praising their penis is totally mind-blowing.

Although men are known to be more logical and not emotional beings, they do love the compliments once in a while.

Giving such compliments boosts your man’s ego and this could equally improve his performance in bed.

It might be a bit awkward it if comes off at a very random time and the tip is to say it to him while making love or having sex.

Apart from giving him a boost, such compliments would obviously make him feel appreciated.

Here are some of the romantic ways to compliment your man:

1. Your cock makes me so wet


It is not just the size that counts, let him know that you appreciate the physical appearance of his package.

It might seem like a very simple compliment but the fact that it is worth salivating over will make him feel so nice.

2. It is super hard

This is a compliment you can give to a man regardless of his dick size. Make him feel that you love it that way.

3. You are big

Men care about their dick size and simply affirming that you love the size is such a turn on.

You do not have to say it if he is small. He will obviously know that you do not mean it and you are only trying to please him.

4. If I had to ride one for the rest of my life it’d be yours

This will make him feel super special. It is best said when you are having the pillow talk.

Men are always curious to know whether their D is better than other guys you have slept with. They might never ask but they would not mind if you tell them.

Their curiosity might not be out of insecurity or esteem issues but such a compliment will make your man trust that you will always choose him.

5. I could suck it all-day


Some ladies think that giving a blowjob is pretty disgusting. This phrase will assure him that you are comfortable doing some licking.

6. It feels awesome

A compliment that is best given while he is inside you.  Making him know that he is doing a good job is such a motivation.

7. Such a bold and handsome penis

A number of ladies think that the male organ is weirdly structured. ‘Just some meat and balls hanging’

Men are self-conscious about how they look down there and this is a perfect phrase to assure him that his package is totally admirable and good looking.


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