Misleading Advice Making Kenyans Stay in Toxic Relationships


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Many Kenyans have lost their loved ones in the hands of toxic partners because they tried to fight for the relationship.

Most of the victims went to seek help from family, friends and even religious leaders who advised them to stick with their partner despite all the pains and suffering.

Here are some of the misleading advice that robbed the lives of many Kenyans who were in toxic relationships.

You can change them

It’s not easy to change misbehaving partner,instead, you can ask your partner to change.

However, some will change while others will not. So it’s not your responsibility to change a grown-up whom you just met the other day no matter how much you love them.

Some people never change

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It’s wrong to assume that someone is incapable of change and that you have to put up with their bad behavior because you heard that some people never change.

Saying someone will never change is an outdated way to dismiss someone’s bad behavior.

Love will keep you together

This is a notion straight from romantic soaps, however, communication and extraordinary hard work contribute to a healthy relationship.

Love is an amazing thing, but a good relationship takes so much more.

You should stay with them for better and for worse

We all want a partner that will stick by our side through thick and thin. However, when you think about what this really means, it can have unhealthy implications.

Relationships will go through good times and bad, but if your relationship is unhealthy, you absolutely do not need to stick it out.

Honor and obey

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