Shock As Man Dissappears Two Months to His Wedding

James Mwamburi disappeared 2 months to his wedding.

A family in Lindi, Mwatate Constituency, Taita Taveta County, is living in fear after their son went missing two months to his wedding.

Mwamburi was set to Marry Dorcas Wairimu in December but further arrangements have been halted by his disappearance.

According to Citizen Tv, James Mwamburi allegedly escorted a group of people who had bought cows from his family and never came back that day.

The cows had been sold to sort out the bride price expenses.

A visit to his home shows that the wedding arrangement was already underway with seats booked for the event standing tall within Mwamburi’s homestead.

The 32-year old Man operates a garage specializing in Motorbike repairs.

A shocked mother of the man expressed her fears over the disappearance saying his son was a well-mannered person hence she could not understand what had happened to him.

Various attempts to reach out to him through phone calls as well as visiting relatives have turned futile.

The mother claims that she has visited several mortuaries perhaps to find even the remains of the man but none of the searches turned out positive.

The family has recorded a statement at Mwatate police station over the matter.


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