Kenya Ferry Services Gives Ksh 200,000 to Likoni Victims Kin

The Kenya Ferry Services has donated a total of Ksh 200, 000 to the family of Mariam Kaghenda and Amanda Mutheu following the death of their Kin on September 29 at the Indian Ocean

Speaking to Opera News on phone, a communication official from the institution confirmed that they had given the Kin a donation of Ksh 200,000 to aid them in their burial plans.

“We have issued two cheques; a cheque of 100,000 to John Wambua, husband to Mariam Kighenda, and another Ksh 100 000 cheque to her father Peter Mwanyasi” said a Communication Official.

Pictures of Cheques granted to the deceased Kin by Kenya Ferry Services: PHOTO COURTESY

The government institution said that they are saddened by the demise of the two and this is a way of condoling with them for the loss of their loved ones.

“This is not a compensation but a way to show that we are deeply saddened by the incident and would like to help them in burial preparations,” she added.

“Any compensations will only come after a proper investigation is done ad Kenya Ferry Services is found at fault. At the moment we are not taking any liability,” she further stated.

However, a Motor Vehicle insurance company has compensated the widower for the vehicle that plunged into the ocean killing his wife and daughter.

Mayfair Insurance Company has settled an insurance claim made by John Wambua for his vehicle, registration number KCB 289 C.

John Wambua(Left) Widower receives a cheque from Mayfair Insurance officials: PHOTO COURTESY

The Nation established that Mr. Wambua received a cheque for Ksh 682,500 from the insurer for his vehicle, after a week’s process.

On Saturday, a day after the vehicle was retrieved, officials from Mayfair inspected the ill-fated car and processed the cheque.

The move by the insurance company has not been well received by some Kenyan citizens who have termed it as a publicity stunt and not a genuine gesture.

Such compensations are usually between the claimant and the company, but in this case, Mayfair insurance welcomed journalists to witness the compensation as they handed over the Ksh 682,500 to the widower.

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