I’ve Raised Children Thinking They Are Mine-Kenyan Truck Driver Cries

Kenyan men have seen it all. From their wives being unfaithful to suddenly realizing taht they are raising children that they have not sired. However, using an “average” mentality, most men are not interested in raising other men’s children mostly because this causes them to think less of themselves.

Here is one confession of one sad Kenyan man:

Hi, I am writing this to you because I don’t know who else to talk to, you can post it but conceal my identity. I am a truck driver, have been in this job for more than 26 years. I did not qualify to join college back then so I would get squads from my uncle, as a result, I mastered everything to do with trucks and routes and this has been my job ever since.

In 1995 I married the girl of my dreams, by the time I was marrying I had put my acts together, had built a house and it was my hope that I would have a home with this woman. Before we got married, she had told me she was a virgin, we never had s3x until we tied the knot but during our honeymoon, I realized she was not even though she was trying to fake it.

I demanded to know why she had lied to me but she told me that a boyfriend she had before had forced himself on her. I felt sorry for her so I buried that issue and we moved on.

In this job, I barely stay much time at home because I transport goods between four different countries. Per year, I only spend one full month at home, the rest are stepovers once in while especially when am passing by the route to my house.

Recently, I found out one of her deeepest secrets…

So apparaently, none of my three children is sired by me. I don’t know the father(s) because I haven’t confronted her yet because I am trying to keep my calm but in all honesty, I don’t know what I will do to her once I confront her. It’s just that one of my colleagues at work accidentally came home only to find another man having sex with his wife in his house and then to later find that his one kid belonged to that man. As much as we didn’t like it, we had to ensure that our houses were in order too so instead of asking my wife who has never given me a reason to suspect her, directly, I decided to do a DNA test to one of the children. I decided the second-born because at the time of her birth, looking back 9 months, I had only had sex with my wife once but the thought that she could be someone else’s baby had never crossed me.

She didn’t even know because I used the easiest method, her hair. It is an expensive practice, I even wondered why I was wasting money on it but for peace of mind and the fact that my wife had made petty lies in the past, I decided to do it. paternity test didn’t match, I was so disgusted and shocked that I didn’t go to work the following day. I decided to check the rest and none is mine.

I look back and remember the kinds of sacrifices I have made for this woman and I feel like taking my own life. The biggest problem for us truck drivers is the huge number of whores on every station, high-quality whores from four different countries but because I have a wife back home, my conductors spend money on them, I have been faithful all this time but this is what I get in return. As I am writing this Mercy, I still haven’t told anyone and I don’t want to go home now because I might shoot someone. I hope you read this and get back to me because I need to talk to someone that doesn’t know me.

Bwana Truck Driver. I have commonly seen men bond with a woman who have children by a another man,forgive her and do GREAT in raising the kid. In some ways their fatherly relationship was an intentional choice, making it stronger. The look of love on a woman’s face, when she sees her partner bonding with her children, is a site to behold. You are not the first!


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