“He is Heartless!” Lawyer Kipkorir Slams Ferry Victim’s Husband

The late Mariam Kighenda (left) and her husband John Wambua (right). PHOTO: Courtesy

Flamboyant city lawyer Donald Kipkorir has slammed the husband to a woman who died together with her daughter while crossing the Likoni channel.

Lawyer Kipkorir claimed that John Wambua was ‘heartless’  for pursuing an insurance claim of his vehicle three days after it was retrieved from the ocean floor.

Wambua lost his wife and daughter in the tragedy that happened on the 29th of September when their vehicle rolled off the prow of MV Harambee to plunge deep into the Indian Ocean.

Early reports indicated that Wambua offered to pay up to Sh250,000 to private divers after the Kenya Navy Commander Maj Gen Franklin Mghalu delayed to deploy his team to aid in recovery efforts.

The County Government of Mombasa would kick in to assist Wambua with Sh2 million to hire South African divers to help in the recovery of the two.

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City lawyer Donald Kipkorir. PHOTO: Courtesy

After 13 arduous days of bad weather and poor visibility, the multi-agency team comprising of the Kenya Coast Guard, private South African divers and the Kenya Navy managed to retrieve the car ad tow it ashore.

The victims Mariam Kighenda (35), and Amanda Mutheu (4) were reported to have been found tightly hugging in the back seat of the ill-fated car.

Investigators would launch an active probe on the matter after it emerged that the vehicle was in Parking despite rumours indicating that Kighenda may have reversed into the water.

The Kenya Ferry Services management will be on the frying pan should the probe conclude that MV Harambee ferry contributed to the accident.

Monday, the ill-fated ferry was spotted plying the channel with its prow partly immersed in water- a condition that is said to have caused the demise of the two.

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