Githu Muigai Weighs in on Referendum Debate, Gives One Proposal

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Former Attorney General Githu Muigai. He has proposed that all redundant commissions in Kenya should be scrapped off incase the country goes for a referendum. Photo/File

Former Attorney General Githu Muigai has added his voice to the ongoing referendum debate in the country.

Speaking on Tuesday when he appeared before the National Assembly’s Constitutional Implementation Oversight Committee to present his views on the on-going referendum debate, the former chief legal advisor observed that some Commissions in Kenya are redundant and should be scrapped off.

Githu claimed these ‘useless’ commissions have made government extremely expensive to manage and the duplication of roles had created unnecessary bureaucracy in service delivery.

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He faulting the establishment of various constitutional commissions which he said were a burden to the taxpayer and stumbling blocks to efficiency in government.

Githu told MPs that the establishment of numerous constitutional commissions had created unhealthy bureaucracy in government, making it hard to measure performance in departments and enforce accountability.

The former Attorney General also told MPs that there was a need to provide a definitive formula that will easily help the country achieve the elusive two-thirds gender rule.

Parliament has on numerous attempts failed to pass the constitution amendment bill despite spirited efforts by women lawmakers to rally their male colleagues to support the amendment.

Githu’s proposals are part of a growing list of suggestions advanced by Kenyans that may be considered should the country head to a referendum.



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