Woman Attempts Suicide Over Son’s Rogue Behavior

A woman whose age is estimated to be in her 50s is recuperating in Tenwek Mission hospital after she attempted suicide over her son’s wayward behaviour.

The woman from Kapng’etuny village, Bomet Central is said to have ingested a bottle of acaricide to take away her life following frustrations caused by her son’s criminal record.

According to a neighbour Fancy Busienei, the distraught mother was seen boarding a bodaboda on her way to Bomet town early morning and returned home later in the day.

However, after her return, Mrs Busienei said neighbours heard the woman’s youngest son wailing and calling for help and they rushed to offer the same.

The victim, who was by then unconscious, was rushed to hospital where she is receiving treatment.

Area Assistant Chief Caleb Kirui said he had been notified of the incident, adding the matter would be investigated by police.

Kirui said incidents of suicides were on the rise raised concern over the level of mental health of residents.

He urged the locals to speak out their problems instead of committing suicide which he noted was not a solution to the problems.

He said the woman had reportedly posed depressing questions about how her own son ended up being a person who was continuously being investigated and sought by police over criminal activities.

Kirui called on the government to intensify sensitization about the crisis noting that there was a need for medical assistance for patients suffering a myriad of mental health conditions.

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