Watch Video of Boniface Mwangi Blocking Baba’s Motorcade That is Exciting Netizens

Kenyan Activist and Politician Boniface Mwangi has flexed his courage online once again after blocking Baba’s motorcade.

In the video, one of the bodyguards is seen threatening Mwangi and demanding he makes way while the Activist refuses.

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In Bonfice’s post, he said that he will not give power to impunity in the country. According to him, the motorcade had no right of passage.

“Who will protect Kenyans from these overentitled VIPs and their rogue bodyguards? A police officer in KCH 995E insulted me because l refused to be bullied, he was the lead car for KCH 755S. Please record, post & shame VIP bullies every day. I only give way for ambulances and marked police cars that aren’t escorting entitled VIPs. I refuse to let police abuse the siren to clear traffic for the people who should solve our traffic mess,” he said.

Check out how he blocked Baba’s motorcade below;

The post has excited some fans while some have expressed disappointment, like Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino who had this to say;

This is not the first time Boniface has shunned over-entitled government officials driving carelessly on Kenyan roads and t clearly won’t be the last.

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