My Wife Calls Me John Cena When Having Sex -Kenyan Man Confesses

Fantasizing with another person while having sex with your partner is quite common.

Many people do this to try and maintain a degree of sexual arousal that they can’t find through other means.

Here’s a confession of a man who is troubled.

I would like you to post this confession. Last week I told my wife to pack and leave, call it a separation which will most likely lead to divorce because of something I couldn’t take any longer. I don’t know if there are other people who experience this in their marriage but I have never heard so it’s not normal. 

She is a huge wrestling fan, I also watched wrestling but I stopped loving it because of her. Back then when I was getting her into my “box” she also had this behavior of watching gay(men on men) stuff but it subsided. She would tell me that it turned her on thinking about me being banged by one of my friends. It was the grossest thing I have ever heard but since I wanted to hit it, I pretended I like such kinds of topics. 

Back to the point, whenever we have sex, she imagines me being one of the wrestlers and even says their names aloud. Am there on top giving my all then she says “Harder Cena” and am like you didn’t just say Cena as if John Cena is the one on top of you right now. At that moment I can’t do anything because obviously I can’t stop but it hurts. I have had to live with that habit forever in marriage but about a year ago she started another behavior that I can’t tolerate. When we are having sex, she will say things like “tear up his ass roman”. She imagines me being on the receiving end of a sexual act with some wrestling characters and it’s so damn frustrating. I told her to have her head checked out or stop doing that but she insisted she is fine and won’t mention it again but she has several times until I couldn’t have it any longer because clearly it’s never me she is having sex within her mind. I think our marriage has come to an end because she has a problem that might not be easy to let go of.

Kenyan man, Relax! However, it isn’t a sexual deviation. it’s normal and common. Don’t listen to ‘Kamati ya Roho Chafu’

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