Govt Automates Form 1 Selection to Eliminate Human Interference

Form 1 students reporting to school

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has announced that the government is developing a special formula for the selection of Form 1 students going forward.

Speaking at the Kenya School of Government on Monday, Magoha noted that the manual selection process is marred by favouritsm from officials while allocating secondary school spots for KCPE candidates.

The new formula targeted by the government will be automated such that once it is decided that students who managed a particular score will join a selected category of schools, no person will be able to manipulate the system and slot in unqualified students.

KCPE students during an exam

Magoha also pointed out that the formula in development will put into consideration disadvantaged students while allocating schools, so that learners are accorded equality.

In a surprise move, the tough talking CS called out corrupt officials amongst the audience, revealing how he is often approached for favours during Form 1 selection exercises.

“You are clapping but you are the same ones saying sir, can you…” he said after the audience applauded his announcement.

As you have clapped, I hope the people have witnessed so that you will not come back and say, Professor you know, just give me one,” he said referring to secondary school slots.

A past manual form 1 selection session

The CS also cautioned parents against putting too much pressure on their children by enrolling them in schools that are above their abilities.

“If your child has 250 marks, do not take that child to Alliance because you are destroying the child. The child will be perpetually behind others and will not perform,” he asserted.

“Take that child to a school which is medium so that he can learn at the same pace with his peers,” Magoha advised.

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