Best Cheap Foods Kenyans Can Stock In Their Homes

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Food is a very essential need and it is important for you to have a budget plan that is good enough to sort you even on your broke days.

With many Kenyans living below the international poverty line, it might be difficult to buy things in bulk.

The unfortunate state of living from hand to mouth is a great challenge since it becomes more expensive to purchase a smaller quantity of items on a daily basis.

Despite this, there are several cheap foods that can easily stock in your home.


Brown Eggs on Brown Wooden Bowl on Beige Knit Textile

Apart from being affordable, eggs can be used to make different meals and you can never get bored.

You also have the choice to have them for breakfast or for lunch and dinner.

A good number of Kenyans love having Ugali Mayai and it is a very easy meal to make if you do not want to waste a lot of time cooking.

For mayai pasua lovers, you can as well treat yourself to a homemade one to save money.

2. Flour

  • Ugali Flour

With Ugali being one of Kenya’s staple foods, most people frequently eat this meal in their homes.

Having a couple of packets of Ugali as part of your foodstuff stock will help see you through some weeks or even months.

It can be served with greens which can be purchased at a pocket-friendly amount. Many people grow these vegetables on their farms and therefore all you need in this case is the flour.

  • Chapati flour

Flour is generally easy to store since it is shelf friendly and does not go bad so fast.

For chapati lovers, having this flour as part of your stock will come in handy on days when you feel like enjoying the homemade chapati flavour.

It could take you more time to make chapati than it will to prepare Ugali but the good thing is that you don’t have to spend more.

Chapati is best served with madondo and many Kenyans love it.


Beige and Purple Beans

Although cooking beans might be hectic, the meal is definitely worth it because it is filling.

Remember to add it to your stock list to enjoy githeri or serve it with chapati.


It can be stored for a long time without going bad and this is one of the main advantages.

You can also make a variety of delicacies from pilau, plain white rice to vegetable rice.


Although most of us eat bread for breakfast, we can also have it as a snack as we prepare a meal.

On days when you are so broke, a cup of tea and bread can be good enough for the night as you go to bed.


Three Banana on Gray Wire Basket

Bananas are among the filling foods and you would definitely enjoy having one while hungry.

You can eat the fruits as a snack or prepare cooked bananas such as plantain or matoke.

Being one of the foods that are perishable, it is advisable that you do not stock bananas in bulk otherwise you will be at a great loss if they go bad.


The good thing about potatoes is you can make different meals from them.

You can prepare chips, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, bhajia or add them in some stew.


Buying a box of milk will cater for your breakfast. Alternatively, there is no harm in taking black tea until your broke days are over.

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