Milele Fm Presenter Kaka Zema Shares Agonizing Life Before Fame


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Many celebrities across the world have come from nothing to something. They’ve worked hard to beat the odds and become successful people in society.

Milele  FM presenter Yusuf  Zema popularly known as Kaka Zema for the first time has shared his agonizing life before being famous.

Born and raised at the Coastal side of Kenya, Kaka Zema’s past life was not a walk in the park,he used to be a matatu tout in order to earn a living.

“Nikiwa Zidina Z nilikuwa Makanga kuanzia jioni hadi saa kumi na mbili baada yakupiga hustle zenngine mchana,”he revealed.

The humble, composed, well-calculated radio Personality with a commanding radio broadcasting voice went on to narrate that apart from being a matatu tout, he was also a laundry clear.

“Mateja walikoni sitawai wasamehea, walikuja wakaramba nguo zote za wateja kimbindi kile nlikuwa dobi,”he said.

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  Nakumbuka nlikuwa natumia pasi ya makaa,sasa nisha fua nguo za wateja nikaanika ili nipige pasi alafu wateja wakujie jioni, lakini mateja walikuja wakazibeba zote”.

The  King of the mic went on to reveal that he was jailed after he wasn’t able to pay for the lost clothes.

“Nililala seli, nikiwa seli kumbe kuna nukanga mkojo ashakum sio matusi,”he said.

Radio Journey

Kaka Zema, who is currently Milele FM Kazi Mpango’s, host came to limelight after his voice hit the airwaves back in the days at Royal Media Service.

He joined RMS  in 2007 as Bahari FM Radio presenter later convinced his senior-most Bosses that he was way above the bar and landed another extensive assignment at the National radio station Radio Citizen.

He later moved to Radio Citizen were he hosted ‘Jambo Kenya’ , ‘Chapa Kazi, a mid-morning show, ‘Mambo mseto’, the evening drive and late-night shows.

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