Huddah’s Savage Response After Being Accused of Lying About Her Age

Huddah Monroe (Instagram)

In 2018, Huddah Monroe left fans bamboozled after revealing that she is turning 23 years old.

“The year is over! And I’m turning 23 in 4 days,” the petite socialite claimed on social media.

Disbelieving fans told her off for lying about her age given that she represented Kenya in the Big Brother Africa competition in 2013 at 21 years of age, so it made no sense that she was 23 in 2018.

Responding to the backlash, Huddah wrote “Sijakubali uzee.”

Sijakubali uzee – Huddah Monroe (Instagram)

In 2019, fans are still in disbelief after Huddah revealed that she is turning a more realistic age, 28.

“10/10/92 a Queen was born! A year Older, May God grant us all our hearts desires!” Miss Monroe wrote.

However, there were doubts that she is turning 28 and one fan attempted to clock her for lying, an act that was met with vehemence.

Huddah Monroe (Instagram)

“Lol huddah is not born 92..😃😃😃😃” read a comment from kinyanjuis_daughter

“Coz your Vagina gave birth to me, you must know better. Tell us more,” Huddah fired back.

Miss Monore is not the only celebrity who has been accused of lying about her age. When Tanasha announce that she was turning 24, there were doubts and she had to produce her passport to quell her critics.

“For all the fools who seem to know my life story better than me and who claim I fake my names, birthday and age,” wrote Tanasha.

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