10 GSU Officers Killed By Explosive Device

About 10 police officers reportedly killed after their vehicle ran over an explosive device.

About 10 General Service Officers (GSU) have lost their lives after their vehicle ran over an Improvised Explosive Device(IED) in Dadaab Garissa County.

According to a report of the incident filed at Liboi Police Station on Saturday at around 16:00hrs, the GSU officers were from Harehare GSU camp.

The 10 were aboard a Toyota Landcruiser bearing registration number GKB 277U when the vehicle ran over the IED at Degoh road between Liboi and Damajale.

The vehicle is said to have been severy damaged after the incident.

A joint Team of Kenya Defense Forces, Administration Police officers, Kenya Police services have been deployed to the scene for a patrol.

File: Alshabab Militia. Photo: Courtesy

The IED is suspected to have been planted by the Alshabaab militia.

In July 2019, at least eight Kenyan police officers died after their car hit a roadside bomb near the Somali border.

At the time of the incidents, the affected vehicle had 11 officers on board.

The Kenyan Defense Forces have been fighting the al-Qaeda-linked group for almost a decade in a bid to ensure that Somalia remains a stable and peaceful country.




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