Tanasha Donna Reveals Who Her Baby Looks Like

Tanasha Donna welcomed her firstborn a week ago during her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz’s 30th birthday.

A few days after she welcomed her 3.8 Kg baby at 42 weeks, she took to Instagram for a Q&A session with her fans where she shared some tidbits about her son.

Speaking about the strenuous birth, Tanasha said, “It was 17 hours off labour, it was long, stressful and the pain was excruciating but when I look at him I would do it all over again. So worth it.”

“Do you sleep at night as a new mum?” another fan sought to find out and Tanasha replied with “The first two nights yes. After that ish got real lol. Exhausted but I’m loving it.”

“Who does your baby look like. You or his dad?” read the million-dollar question.
“Some say me and others say his dad. Hmm Diamond Platnumz tell us,” replied Tanasha.

Some fans also wanted to know when she is unveiling her son.
“When are you officially introducing young lion to us,” a follower asked.

“When the time is right,” Tanasha responded.

Losing baby weight
Miss Tanasha wowed fans after resurfacing with a flat tummy a week postpartum and naturally, fans wanted to know what the tea was.

“Honestly speaking it all depends on each body type. Everyone is different and people have different genes. PALMERS stretch mark lotion helped prevent stretch marks, I used it on a daily basis,” she said.

The NRG presenter also urged women to love their bodies regardless because their bodies bring forth life.

“I will advise my ladies or moms to be, to love their bodies regardless because it takes a lot to grow that little human being inside of you. Also, I personally believe that it really all depends on your diet, genes, whether or not you hydrate. I wouldn’t really pinpoint any specific secret,” she added.

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