Mutyambai, Kinoti With 11 Ultimatums Over Rogue Police Officers

IG Henry Mutyambai and DCI boss George Kinoti

Inspector General Of Police Henry Mutyambai and DCI boss George Kinoti took action over the rising cases of rogue officers in the police force.

Mutyambai and Kinoti on Friday made changes to the system in a bid to curtail the recent behavior adopted by officers who want to operate outside the law.

The following are the 11 changes police officers will now have to observe:

  1. All KPS and APS to wear uniform even when attending court.
  2. Civilian clothes while on duty is a preserve of DCI officers
  3. Firearms to be resumed to armoury upon completion of duty.
  4. All senior senior officers based at KPS and APS to visit divisions and stations.
  5. All officers irrespective of rank who have stayed in Nairobi for more than three years to be moved immediately.
  6. Address cumbersome disciplinary proceedings.
  7. All officers with criminal records to be watched closely.
  8. Zoning of Nairobi under an officer of the rank of CP to complement efforts of the Regional Commander.
  9. Enhancement of traffic flow in and around Nairobi and concerted effort to reduce incidents of corruption involving rogue traffic officers.
  10. Encourage public to report all cases of malpractice or indiscipline by police.
  11. AP to undergo induction and investigation courses at Kiganjo jointly with others from KPS.

The move by the two bosses was in regards to the latest incident where a gang of officers were involved in a Ksh 6 million robbery at 8th street in Eastleigh, Nairobi.

On Thursday, DCI detectives arrested two officers identified as Police Constable (PC) Simon Mwaniki and PC Kelvin Marangu who were linked to the incident.

View of Eastleigh town Nairobi

Detectives from Pangani revealed that Mawaniki and Marangu were apprehended at Kahawa West after being tipped off of their whereabouts.

According to police reports, Mwaniki led the detectives to his two houses at Kayole Junction where they recovered fake Currencies worth Ksh 29,000 and USD 8,800, 30 live rounds of ammunition, 15 speed governors and recorded Compliance Certificates, forged driving licenses, suspicious documents including NTSA Stamps, PSV certificates, work permits and various police items.

The two together with a civilian named Martin Kithinji who was nabbed with the suspects, are set to be arraigned in court on Friday as investigations into the matter continue.

Last week Friday, three other police officers and a cameroonian were arrested after a CCTV footage caught them red handed stealing from Barwaka Lodge.

The victims Mohammed Hassan Mohammed and Abdullahi Hussein Yusuf had been held at gunpoint during the ordeal.

The six hour video showed how the suspects planned and executed the crime.

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