Signs That Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Want To Bang You

You chile might rarely be in the mood for sex, there might be something wrong with you. Here are some possible mood-killing culprits.

1.Financial Issues:

It’s not a surprise that financial issues can cause disagreements in even the most harmonious couples. ‘Chali hana doo’ in a relationship can cause negative feelings like fear and anxiety, broken trust and depression too.

2.Lack of Exercise:

This alone can make you more interested in hitting the sheets with your partner, coupled with an increase in body confidence thanks to your hard-earned workout. So what are you waiting for? Enda Gym! Even better, work out with your boyfriend so you both enjoy the benefits.



3.Erectile Dysfunction:

Men would rather avoid a sexual encounter because of what they see as their ‘non-working penis,’ It may just be performance anxiety because of the one time they were unable to get or to keep an erection.


4.Lack of Etiquette and Hygiene:

Practicing good dental and bodily hygiene and keeping your hair groomed (including the penis area, beards, underarms and legs and giving it so much attention)are areas men must give attention to so as to keep their women.


There are several reasons why this very real pain strikes during intercourse, which is why she decides that the pain is not worth it.



Many medications can cause low libido and have side effects. You may be feeling interested in sex, but need to grab some lubricant to make sure it is comfortable but your girl feels like that’s not her business…

7.Sex Addiction:

If your Boyfie is a sex addict, a sex addict is often traumatized by the discovery of their partner’s secret life and the broken trust and sexual betrayal can be the cause of their loss of desire for sex.


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