My Married Blind Date Impregnated Me – Kenyan Girl Confesses

Being unfaithful in relationships is nothing new. Kenyan men have been cheating on their wives for decades. Affairs are complicated and messy by themselves but when a blind date who is a married man is involved, it really gets tricky.

Here’s a sad tale of a young lady who fell in that trap:

How do you tell your parents that you’re pregnant by a married man? I really want to keep this baby because I don’t want to abort, I don’t know what to say when they ask me who is the father.

I am thinking of saying it was a blind date and the man disappeared.

I know its wrong but they will want to question him and discover he’s married and then they’ll never forgive us.

I know people going to be angry but my bf never told me he’s married, I found out from his friends 3 weeks later by then it was too late I was already so much in love with him and didn’t mind his married but now am regretting it because he doesn’t want me to keep this baby if I keep it I mustn’t involve him in any way so I accepted it

please help



Kenyan girl, you are not the only woman on the planet to get pregnant by a married man. You can search online and find a group of women that are in the same boat. Get their advice and support because they are going through the same thing and may be able to offer you a different perspective or outlook other than your own. This is a great way to build new friendships with women who will not only support you through your journey but will be less judgmental.

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