I’ve Wasted 6 Years With The Wrong Woman – Nairobi Man Cries

Kenyans always ask how it’s even possible to stay in a strained relationship.

However, if you scroll through the famous Facebook groups like Kilimani Mums and Dads Uncensored and you will realise that it’s very possible and a lot of people are stuck in strained relationships.

A man recently took to the Nation FM Facebook page and opened up about wasting a large chunk of his life with the wrong woman.

Check out this confession:

I met this lady six years ago she had a daughter, and after dating for close to a year we moved in together and started living as husband and wife.

After 4 years I came to realize she can’t get pregnant because she had done a permanent family planning procedure.

I was so hurt but I forgave her and promised to take care of her kid like it was mine. My family was against it, but I did my best to make them understand that she did so because of medical challenges.

Despite my small income, I gave my family my best to even take my stepdaughter to the best school.

But I was surprised that the baby daddy was always calling her despite not helping the kid. When the kid was in class six, she started performing poorly so I went to school to see what was wrong, when the teacher called her she told her “Huyo sio Baba yangu, Baba yangu alisema atanihamisha hii shule”

I felt so bad but after telling my wife she didn’t do anything but she told me that I hated her child.

So I continued doing my best because I didn’t want to lose my family, but one day my wife told me ” siwezi enda kwenu mimi ” I didn’t take it seriously until my granny came to visit akazimiwa phone akiwa Tao mpaka 9 pm,ikabidi nimchukue nikitoka job.

Juzi my wife woke up at night and went to the police station saying that I was trying to molest my step-daughter & I have threatened their lives, I was told not to come close to them and lost everything I had worked for all my years.

When my granny knew what was happening, her high blood pressure turned into a stroke and now she is in hospital.

I know women always say men are dogs but what did I do wrong for loving my wife and being faithful for 6 years despite knowing very well she can’t give me a kid??


Nairobi Man, it was your fault. Signs pointing to “your wife disrespecting you” were there, there were red flags that you chose to ignore. Even if you don’t want to see or acknowledge them, they are there…Just forget her and move on!

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