Is Arap: Kenyans Share How They Remember Retired President Moi

Former Kenyan president, Daniel Arap Moi (Getty Images)

After 9 years without the ‘Moi day’ holiday, Kenyans had a sigh of relief after a lawyer won a court battle of having the holiday back.

Kenyans, however, have never been short of words and reactions to anything and Moi Day was no exception.

From calling him a dictator to a looter, to a are some of the reactions :


@MadagaskaIII: He once fooled BABA that he would be his successor when he made him the KANU secretary-general only to turn tables on JAKUOM and simply say “Huyu kijana ndiye anafaa kuongoza nyinyi” #MoiDay

@NJARAS2: How people of Baringo are dying of malaria and lack of water in his home village

@BrutalHonest3: Goldenberg scandal, Nyayo torture chambers, Nyayo bus, Moi news on BBC and so forth…


@Nextstevejob: We have to respect Mzee each and everyday!! Happy Moi Day to all Kenyans!! I drunk the milk and I was fortunate to see schools, hospitals and great infrastructure put in place for Kenyans

@Gseedforever: God-fearing Leader. Who went to church every Sunday

@wamunyotah1: Through his leadership, our country was relatively calm unlike most African countries e.g. Somalia, Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Angola, CAR, and many others.

@wamunyotah1: One major problem with his leadership was the way Maina wa Kinyatti, Raila, Mwandawiro et al were tortured.#MoiDay

@wamunyotah1: He made sure there was peace in this country. And the best of all, he actually accepted defeat and the transition to multiparty politics in Kenya. He could have turned into a Mugabe (or even a Museveni). Give the guy credit where it’s due

:@Nicmaina: He wasn’t a drunkard

Corruption and Nepotism:

@KenyanScout: Free milk….that I never got to taste. But hey, at least I heard about it😂

@ougomandela:  He belongs to the dustbin of misleaders #MoiDay

@MargieGathungu: Denied freedom of press, started the death of local industries, Goldenberg scandal

@Volubilis_1: Big time corruption, demolished economy, dictatorship, nepotism, clueless leadership

@TuJadili:Molo clashes 1992

@RufehKaranja:I always remember that during Moi’s era, all policemen talked in a Kalenjin accent.

@RobertAlai: A murderer and looter #MoiDay

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