Raphael Tuju’s Tough Conditions to Jubilee Rebels in Kibra

Jubilee Party Secretary-General Raphael Tuju. He has insisted that all Jubilee party members should support Mariga in Kibra by-election. Photo/Courtesy

Jubilee Party Secretary-General Raphael Tuju has revealed that all Jubilee leaders and members should support the party’s candidate in Kibra by-elections.

Speaking on Tuesday when he appeared for Citizen Tv News Night show, Tuju maintained it was the responsibility of all party members to support Mariga in Kibra.

Image result for Jubilee rebels in Kibra led by Kamanda
Nominated MP Maina Kamanda. He has declared his support for ODM’s Imran Okoth in Kibra. Photo/File

Tuju insisted it was not the decision of a single person or a few individuals to field Mariga in Kibra but rather a decision by the Jubilee party.

“The official position is that we have a candidate and our members of parliament and our members should support our candidate” stated Tuju

He maintained that the decision taken by some Jubilee members to support ODM candidate were personal and did not reflect the party’s stand in any way. Tuju added that it was upon Jubilee party members to give a direction on whether to discipline the rebels or not.

“When a member comes and gives his personal position, then it is up to the party to seat and decide whether to take disciplinary action against that member or not” revealed Tuju.

The SG expressed confidence Mariga was going to win in Kibra adding that the party had higher chances of clinching the victory something that motivated them to field its candidate.

“I think we (Jubilee) are very competitive in Kibra, we do have a chance; if we did not think so we would not have put up a candidate” – Raphael Tuju

Despite the challenges currently facing the Jubilee party, Tuju maintained the party was going to remain united, adding that it will grow bigger and stronger as they head to 2022.

“Jubilee is going to be bigger and better and spells more hope for this country than ever before, it’s going to be so big you will be amazed, I happen to be in the kitchen so I know that…it is going to be bigger in 2022 than it ever was in 2017” declared Tuju.

Tuju, who has fallen out with most of the Jubilee leaders aligned to DP William Ruto’s camp, added that Jubilee’s presence in Kibra does not mean the end of the handshake but rather a good expression of matured democracy and ways of doing politics.

“Campaigns are important but they do not necessarily result in a win” he added. Kibra’s by-elections will be conducted on November 7, 2019.





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