Kenya Ferry Officials Taken in for Interrogation by CID

Kenya Navy divers at Likoni ferry channel; PHOTO COURTESY

A few officials from the Kenya Ferry Services were on Wednesday taken in by DCI detectives.

According to a live report by Tobias Chanji, a Standard Media reporter, the officials include a procurement officer, engineer and a coxswain in charge of MV Harambe.

The officials were apprehended for questioning on the September 29 incident where a car plunged into the Indian Ocean.

When the incident occurred, Kenya Ferry Services was on the radar with members of the public and political leaders accusing them of laxity in providing safety to motorists and passengers at the ferry.

A section of coastal MPs wanted officials of the Kenya Ferry Services (KFS) and Kenya Coast Guard (KCG) to take responsibility for the ferry tragedy at the Likoni channel.

“On this incident, heads must roll. We believe that there was gross incompetence on the part of Kenya Ferry Services, the Kenya Coast Guard and the Kenya Navy,” Likoni MP Mishi Mboko said.

“It is shameful that till now, no one particularly in the management of Kenya Ferry Services has deemed it fit to take responsibility over the glaring Likoni ferry safety gaps that made the ferry a death trap for Ms. Kigenda and little Amanda,” she added.

The officials were arrested as a recovery mission to retrieve the car and bodies of Mariam together with her daughter Amanda enters the 11th day.

The Indian Navy at Likoni Channel; PHOTO COURTESY

A team of South African divers joined the Kenya Navy on day 10 of the recovery mission.

On Wednesday afternoon, a sigh of relief was witnessed after it was reported that the vehicle had been sighted at around 50 metres deep in the Indian ocean.

Government Spokesperson, Colonel (Rtd) Cyrus Oguna stated that they had identified an object which they suspected to be the vehicle that Mariam and Amanda were in.

“We have not yet seen the number plate of the sighted car but we are there, it is a 90% possibility that it is the one we have been looking for,” he explained.

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