Indian High Commissioner Sustains Injuries From Armed Robers

Picture of armed robber; PHOTO COURTESY

An Indian High Commissioner, Mr. Saurabh was attacked by three armed robbers on October 5, 2019.

The commissioner was in the company of two other colleagues heading to their residence when  3 people accosted them near Deep Sea slum.

One of the robbers was armed with a gun where they threatened and hit Mr. Saurabh leaving him with head and chest injuries.

The thugs managed to escape with their phones, money, diplomatic IDs and Indian driving license.

In another incident, a mob descended on a theft suspect along Thika Super Highway.

The mob accused the suspect of snatching valuables from passengers alighting from public service vehicles.

Kenyan Police Vehicle; PHOTO COURTESY

Kasarani Police officers visited the scene where they found the body with many injuries.

It was then moved to City Mortuary awaiting postmortem and identification.

Elsewhere, a police officer sustained serious injuries after a driver intentionally hit a stationary bus with a motive of causing an accident.

The reckless driver and been arrested by the Shauri Moyo based police officer for the offense of causing obstruction.

The police officer boarded the suspects’ vehicle to escort him to the station when the driver threatened him saying it would be his last day.

The accident left the officer with head injuries and he was rushed to Care Hospital for treatment.

The rogue driver tried to escape but was arrested by members of the public, and escorted to the police station.

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