My Wife is Making Me Wash Utensils-Husband Confession

Kenyan husbands — are you having marital issues in your household? Sometimes you totally miss the point of what she’s saying. ..Or has she started mistreating you?

You listen. You know how women react when mad or dictatorial. You’ve noticed her emotions. But you are still together. You don’t understand why you are being subjected to chores that are meant to be hers…

Here is one sad confession:

Hi, I sincerely need your help! I married in 2011 through a church wedding, and I have 2 kids with my current wife. My biggest problem is that I’m badly mistreated by my wife and I’m just tired of washing my own clothes, cooking food, washing utensils, mopping the house and other menial household jobs which according to me should be done by my wife. I’ve severally told my wife that I’ll marry again, but she never cares ad says ”siuoe nini huwa unashindia kusema tu”?? I think it’s my time I look for a loving wife at least who can love, and make me feel like a man in my house!!
Give us your thoughts!!!

The male victims abused carry many emotions and hurt. Male shaming is happening in most households and men are still afraid to come out. It really needs to stop altogether. Kenyans develop more compassion so victims of any form of abuse or bullying in marriage will have the courage to step out of the shadows and share their stories.

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