If Uhuru Decides to Sell Raila To Mt Kenya, We will Buy Him ~ Nyeri MP

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Uhuru addressing members of the public during a past political rally in Central Kenya. Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu has said Mt. Kenya people will buy Raila’s candidature only if President Uhuru Kenyatta sells him to them. Photo/File

Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu has dismissed claims that ODM party leader Raila Odinga cannot sale in the Mt. Kenya region.

While responding to Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria’s claims, Ngunjiri through his Facebook post revealed that if Uhuru decides to sell Raila to the people of Mt. Kenya region, then they were going to buy him without any single objection.

He remarked that just the same way Mt. Kenya ‘bought’ William Ruto in 2013 when he was presented to the region by Uhuru, they were also going to buy Raila if Uhuru dictates so.

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Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga with a section of Kikuyu elders at a past event in Bondo

“But when I hear some people say that Raila is a hard sell in Mt Kenya I laugh. Mt Kenya bought William Ruto less than 5 years after he was associated with heinous crimes against Mt Kenya people. Ruto was sold to us by Uhuru Kenyatta, and we bought him. 100%,” posted Ngunjiri

“So the man to watch is Uhuru. If Uhuru decides to sell Raila to us, we will buy him; 100%. And BTW … let us remember that he sold Ruto to us when he wasn’t even the President. Now he’s the President” he added

Ngunjiri maintained that Kieleweke team was not in a mission to sell Raila in Mt. Kenya as insinuated by other politicians but rather ensuring that Uhuru gets the space & time he requires to complete his term & deliver his legacy.

On Sunday evening, Kuria while appearing for K24 TV Punchline’s show claimed it was so hard for the former premier to sell in Mt. Kenya despite his dalliance with President Uhuru through the March 2018 handshake.

Kuria cited Raila’s push for a parliamentary system as the main reason saying Mt Kenya region is still uneasy with the system.

“I am not sure that Mt Kenya has come to consider who they are going to vote for. Do you want the truth or the cousin of the truth?…tough sell,” stated Kuria when asked about if Mt Kenya is ready for Raila as suggested by Kirinyaga County Governor, Anne Waiguru.

Moses Kuria who felt out with DP William Ruto has been advocating for the team Wanjiru and has already announced he will be in the ballot competing with Ruto in 2022.

Ngunjiri, on the other hand, has been a patron to the Kieleweke team which has been supporting the handshake between Uhuru and Raila while opposing Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid.





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