Government Procures Foreign Experts & Equipment to Aid in Likoni Rescue Mission

The Government of Kenya is set to procure new equipment and professionals to aid in the Recovery of the bodies of mother and child whose car plunged into the Indian Ocean on September 29.

According to the Kenya Navy, the awaited equipment will help in locating possible spot where the vehicle is lying without endangering the lives of divers.

The equipment will also be useful in retrieving the vehicle from deep inside the ocean.

The government spokesperson, Cyrus Oguna has stated that the equipment bought will ease the efforts by enabling his team to traverse more than 50 meters into the water without much difficulties.

South African divers are set to arrive in the country to aid in the operations

The unfruitful search for the vehicle and bodies has been ongoing for 8 Days now.

The Kenya Navy, with the aid of Special robot machines and divers, had earlier identified 14 spots where the vehicle could be lying.

On October 4, a Swedish Scuba Diver, Volker Bassen, joined the recovery team with confidence that he will retrieve the car and bodies within 2 hours.

Bassen came to the public eye when he said that he had the equipment and necessary skills to complete the search mission since he had earlier retrieved a boy from Lake Michaelson which is at the peak of Mount Kenya.

The 51 Old Swedish dived into the ocean on October 4 but was unable to accomplish the mission stating that the conditions inside are harder than he thought.

“I realized that I underestimated the conditions here,” said Bassen.

“The water is very deep and there is terrible current that makes it quite difficult for us to locate the car,” he added.

However, Bassen was able to narrow down the search to 5 Locations that the Kenya Navy should focus on.

On October 5, Raila Odinga visited Likoni to follow up on the recovery operations.

He ordered the stop of dredging along the Likoni channel stating that it was interfering with the efforts to recover the bodies of Mariam and her daughter Amanda.

The dredging, he says, is causing poor visibility in the ocean because of the mud that is being stirred.



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