3 Activists & Several Protesters Arrested for Participating in Anti-SGR Protests

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Three activists and seven other protesters were on Monday morning arrested after police ambushed them while preparing to participate in an anti-SGR protest.

At around 9:30 am, police allegedly placed roadblocks at Nyali bridge and pounced on the protesters who barely had time to start the demos.

The protestors arrested are currently being held at Nyali Police Station.

The planned BlackMonday4 demonstrations were as a result of an SGR directive which they claimed was still in effect, despite CS for Roads and Infrastructure, James Macharia’s claim to have suspended it.

Earlier, a directive from CS Macharia dictated that all cargo arriving at the port for onward conveyance be transported exclusively on the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR).

This consequentially rendered jobless thousands of truckers and their employees. Also affected were owners and employees of Container Freight Stations (CFSs) which handle, clear and forward cargo off-loaded from ships.

World-over the railway system is the cheapest and safest mode of transport for both passengers and goods.

SGR is a necessity, only that some feel it has been executed in a manner that leaves a lot to be desired. That notwithstanding, residents must now come to terms with the fact that it is here to stay and hence plan accordingly.

To that end, Mombasa can market itself as a gateway to the country and have tourists use the SGR to access parks in the hinterland.

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