Willy Paul Mocked After Rayvanny Outshines Him With Chuchuma song

Kenyan artist Willy Paul has today been mocked after Tanzanian singer released a song dubbed ‘Chuchuma’.

The song became a big controversy in the entertainment industry after Willy Paul claimed that Rayvanny attempted to steal it from him.

Amid these claims, Willy Paul released ‘Chuchuma’ song and many thought that Rayvanny will end the drama by not hitting back.

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To prove them wrong, Rayvanny released his version of the song and this has caught the attention of many of his fans.

According to the reactions, many feel that Rayvanny’s song is more creative and way better than Willy Paul’s version.

Rayvanny’s song has also been praised for lyrical prowess and a very classy music video. Fans have blasted Willy Paul urging him to emulate from the best.

Willy Paul’s version, which he released  3 weeks ago currently has over 600,000 views whereas Rayvanny’s banger bagged over 300,000 views in 20 hours.

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Previously, Willy Paul had disclosed that he had a fall out with Rayvanny because he wanted to take his song idea and make it his own.

“The reason for the fall out was this person wanted to make my song their own like they always do.

“When I stood my ground the person blocked me and went ahead to use my song as their own,” he stated

The Kenyan artist also added that this drama was not going to stop him from releasing his version whether Rayvanny would release his or not. Before the beef between the two artists, they worked on a song together.

Here are some of the reactions

Bernard Musili Kali kaka…. Fan from Kenya… Will paul wetu mkumbavu sijui ka ameona hii 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Pee Kay So Willy Paul stole it?

Frasheddo Mkare Caxton Hii imeweza si kama ile chuchuma ya willy Paul

Âthàñâs Sumãyê Nikasema vanny boe atauaa na hajabakiza Willy Paul kaimba pumbaaaaa tu

Mesh Lesidho Vanny onyesha mtu vile wimbo hupangwa…bonge kali sana

Ebrah Bhingi Willy Paul aende akachuchume na vera sidika

Star Boy Msafi Bwana mkunaji come see this

Amada steven Uwiiii….willy paul atasema nni ssa😹😹

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