‘Exit Royal Media Yes, But Remain On Our Screens’- Khalwale Begs Hussein

Former Senator Boni Khalwale Begs Hussein Mohamed to keep his journalism career.

Former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale cannot take the fact that Citizen Tv’s News Anchor Hussein Mohamed will no-longer be gracing his screen after the month October.

Khalwale, who is a household name as far as political talk shows are concerned, took to social media to pour out his disappointment on Hussein departure from the Royal Media Owned station. a

According to Khalwale, the news anchor was his favourite and he would wish he keeps appearing on the screen.

“I have had the opportunity to be interviewed, live, by just about all the top media personalities in Kenya.

I can positively confirm that Hussein Mohamed is the best political anchor in Kenya today. Exit Royal Media, yes, but remain on our screens,” said Khalwale.

On Friday, Hussein tok to social media to announce his move saying he is looking forward to concentrating on other things after calling it quits.

Hussein Mohamed has announced his due departure From Citizen TV.

“It has been a wonderful 10 years on Citizen TV. I have enjoyed & relished every moment I shared with my colleagues at RMS.

I have decided to take a break after October In Sha Allah to concentrate on other matters. Loved the fans, the critics & everything in between. See you soon,” he wrote on his Twitter page.

His post, which has attracted thousands of reactions from the online audience, left many shocked with the majority responding in disbelief.

Renown political analyst Herman Manyora was shocked, he could not take it.

“Don’t leave us, please. Must you?” questioned Manyora.

So moved was the analyst that he went ahead and tweeted again: “Hussein Mohamed set to leave @citizentvkenya. Hard to imagine @citizentvkenya without @HusseinMohamedg. Could the overcrowding have pushed him out?”

Hussein has always won the battle of the eyeball and many people have been for the opinion that he is the best moderator in political shows.

Many rekindled the moments he objectively cornered heavy political heavyweights in the country with his sharp and timely questions, perhaps reminding the station that it had lost a valuable team member.

It remains unclear on what the veteran journalist will be up to. Perhaps only time will tell for now.

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