Things They Don’t Tell You About Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a beautiful time and is different for different people.

Even in one woman, each pregnancy is different and comes with different urges, needs and hormones.

There are the usual common pregnancy changes that everyone is alerted about when the baby starts cooking in the oven. There are, however, some other things you can only learn on the job.

Here are some of those things you are never really prepared for but every mother can testify to it.

Everyone wants to touch your growing belly bump

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I do not use the word ‘everyone’ lightly. Literally all your friends and family members will be in your face trying to get a feel of the belly. Touching the belly is believed by some to bring good luck but no pregnant lady wants that constant invasion of privacy.

If you have a super excited partner, he will be singing to you flat 2-month-old stomach at midnight like his life depends on it.

You will become a Karate Ninja

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It might sound funny but once you get pregnant, you somehow become a belly protector. The Nairobi streets can frustrate anyone with human traffic but once you’re pregnant, you suddenly become the secret service for your belly. You will hit anyone on sight. Mommy shark for sure.

You will start to measure the baby’s size in fruits

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This is one of the newer phenomenon’s that has gotten every new mom excited. At about three months your baby is the size of a lemon. Interesting huh? Also, you will start measuring time in weeks and days.

You will sweat ALOT!

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You will literally be a walking rainstorm in your body. Your hands, arms, pits and underboobs will never be the same. Sweat stinks btw.

Pregnant YouTuber yummy mummy confessed that she has about 10 different deodorant sprays all over from her car to the bedroom to purse, just for when the sweats kick in.

Your sex life will be very different

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The intense sexual thirst catches many people off guard. Many people are not ready for how different sex actually is when pregnant. Some have confessed its uncomfortable but for many, they want to go all night!



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