Exclusive: Machachari Actress Mama Baha Not Dead – Show Director Confirms

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Actress Wanjiku Mburu alias Mama Baha from Machachari show is not dead, Opera News can confirm.

In an exclusive interview with Opera News, Kimani Mburu who is the Director of Machachari TV Show and husband to the deceased stated that it was wife, Mary Mburu, who succumbed after a long battle with cancer.

The Late Mary Mburu

A social media account going by the name Emily Princess Kimani, an alleged staff at Royal Media Services, caused the alarm after sending the wrong information when breaking the story.

Screenshot from Grace Mburu Photo: Courtesy


Grace (who also acts as Mama Bob) also speaking to Opera News, was utterly vexed after she found out information about her sister’s death was linked to her.

“I’m completly disgusted with bloggers for associating me with this false information.” she claimed.

Fellow actor Peter Gathambo also confirmed Mama Baha is alive and kicking. Mama Baha, on the other hand, is yet to make an official statement about the matter.

The news comes after Machachari show was canceled following persistent pressure from the audience due to the age of the characters.

The point of contention was that Machachari show had outlived its relevance since many of its actors had hit the legal age.

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