15 Suspects Nabbed Siphoning Fuel

Two people siphoning fuel from a tanker parked along the road

Fifteen people were on Wednesday arrested by DCI flying squad detectives over illegal siphoning of fuel from tankers at Industrial Area, Nairobi.

The police through a tweet, stated that the operation was conducted following a tip off on the matter.

Information from the authorities revealed that two trucks ferrying approximately 14,000 litres of Petrol and four pumping machines were recovered during the afternoon raid.

The identities of the 15 are yet to be disclosed by the law enforcers.

Lorries used to carry the stolen fuel
Pump used to steal the fuel at Industrial Area Nairobi

The DCI further noted that the criminals are being held in custody awaiting arraignment in court.

In June this year, two suspects were apprehended in connection to stealing fuel from the Mombasa-Nairobi Pipeline.

Police reports had pointed out that the two were caught after the law enforcers were tipped of water trucks being used to transport the stolen product in Mlolongo, Machakos County.

According to the authorities, the suspects were ferrying the fuel from a plot that was disguised as a construction site.

KPC acting managing director Hudson Andambi had remarked that investigations into the incident had begun.

“With the two suspects in custody, we hope to unravel the people behind this unfortunate scheme.”

“From what we have seen, these are people that had substantial technical understanding going by the sophistication with which they taped the line.” stated Andambi.

KPC acting managing director Hudson Andambi during a past event

He however stated that KPC had improved its pipeline surveillance and intelligence gathering to tackle such incidents.

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