Swvl Issues Statement Over Shuttle Operations

Swvl bus company at a designated pick up point

Swvl shuttle on Tuesday released a statement over the suspension of ride-hailing application companies.

The Egyptian owned company stated that its services had not been stopped as reported by the media.

The foreign company urged its users to treat the information being circulated as mere speculations.

A Swvl shuttle van

The firm further clarified that it was enclosed in talks with NTSA over finding solutions on the matter facing the app companies.

“Good Morning, We want to assure you that we are in operations and distance ourselves from what has been going on in the Media. Please treat them as speculations. Please stay put and let us continue with our daily schedule.”

“We are in talks with NTSA and working to find a long lasting solution for ride-hailing apps. Reach us incase of anything. Have a good week ahead.” read a statement from the enterprise.

Little Shuttle had however suspended its services after it stated that its operations had been blocked by the transport body.

CEO Kamal Budhabhatti had noted that his firm had made necessary changes to the application in order to suit customer needs.

“We have been running these services for the last three quarters, and we have proved that public transport can be operated in an efficient and profitable manner.”

“A manner that can bring sanity in the chaotic public transport in our city. Over several months, we have learnt a lot. We have made changes to our technology so that it works as expected.”

“We have been able to come up with the right ingredients to address the problem at hand. And I just hope that these efforts do not go in vain.” remarked Kamal.

Earlier, the transport authorities had blacklisted the two organisations over operating illegally without the mandated PSV license.

NTSA director general Francis Meja, had revealed that the two companies were operating PSV services using the Tours Service License (TSL).

“The vehicles under these hailing app companies have acquired Tours Service License (TSL) but are engaging in commuter service within Nairobi therefore contravening the terms of the Tour Service License (TSL).” remarked Meja.

A Little Shuttle bus

NTSA however pointed out that they would cooperate with the business if they sought to comply with the set commuter service regulations.

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