Murkomen Mocks ODM Over Aisha Jumwa’s False Report

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Murkomen laughed off ODM’s alleged reports claiming that Aisha Jumwa had dumped Ruto terming them as hypocrites. Photo/File

Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen has mocked the ODM party over ‘fake reports’ that Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa had decamped from Ruto’s Tanga-tanga team back to ODM.

Through his tweet, Murkomen accused ODM of double standards claiming the was so desperate for Malindi MP’s support yet some few months ago they were threatening to expell her from the party as a result of her support for Ruto.

Aisha Jumwa with Raila Odinga

Murkomen wondered how ODM had ‘poached’ Jubilee’s nominated MP (Maina Kamanda) to campaign for their candidate in Kibra yet they had sued Aisha for doing the same.

“Recently my friend&client Hon Jumwa was being threatened with expulsion by ODM now they are falling over themselves to greet her&to get her endorsement for Kibra. Meanwhile, they poached Jubilee nominated MP to campaign for them while accusing Aisha of lacking loyalty. Hypocrites” tweeted Murkomen.

His response came a few hours after ODM’s controversial tweet claiming that Aisha Jumwa had dumped William Ruto for Raila Odinga.

The tweet which was later deleted after some minutes claimed that the MP had met with Raila Odinga at the party’s meeting on Tuesday and agreed to support Imran Okoth in Kibra by-election.

“She attended the Parliamentary Group meeting at County Hall chaired by Party Leader H.E Raila Odinga and has vowed to vigorously campaign for Bernard Okoth in Kibra,” Tweeted ODM Communications Director Philip Etale.

The reports were later dismissed by Aisha Jumwa who maintained that she had not dumped Ruto for Raila. Jumwa told a local media House that ODM leader Raila Odinga had gone into her office unannounced and introduced Imram to her.

“I was not even aware of ODM having a meeting. Raila invited me to greet Imran and I accompanied him. I didn’t even know him. That is all and whatever is being spun is not true,” Jumwa told the Star Newspaper.




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