‘I Was Worried About My Wife and Kids’ Gospel Artist arrested over 72M Bank Heist Speaks

Gospel Rapper who was linked to the 72M bank heist; Kamlesh Kagaba, has finally spoken in regard to the unfortunate incident that led to his wrongful arrest.

His detention which happened last month caused outrage after his fellow artists protested against the act.

Although he was later released, Kagaba said that the incident put him in a very rough situation.

The Singer termed the arrest as unprofessional stating that it got him worried about his family.

“I was confused and angry at the injustice in our systems. They did not torture me but the approach of the arrest was wrong and unprofessional. I was worried about my wife and kids,” he said.

Despite the ugly experience, Kagaba recalls that a good number of people expressed concern and gave their full support.

The rapper expressed his hearty gratitude to his fans and everyone who stood up by him. He also gave a special thanks to Juliani whose involvement in social media engagement had a notable impact.

“Juliani came to visit me at the police station and found me being released. He and I go back and seeing him stand with me was quite encouraging,” he added

To prove that life has pretty much moved on since the incident, Kagaba has released a new song dubbed ‘Kuta zinabonga’

Kagaba is also known for his other single hits; Sanaa nyeusi, Kalamu nzito and a number of collabos.

Check out his new song


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