Ferry Director Warns More Accidents Could Happen

Passengers cross Likoni channel in a Ferry. PHOTO: Courtesy

The family of the Likoni Ferry Tragedy victims enter the third day without the bodies of their kin who plunged into the ocean as ferry officials watched in disbelief.

The tragedy has exposed grave inefficiencies at the management and operations of the Kenya Ferry Services, with KFS Managing Director maintaining they would react the same should a similar incident happen.

Monday morning, the ferry management sent out a callous tweet indicating their routine services at the Likoni channel, raging an online war with netizens who wanted to be updated on the rescue efforts to retrieve the bodies from the ocean.

Pressed to speak, the ferry services Managing Director Mr Bakari Goa told the press that the car had plunged some 60 metres deep, interestingly admitting that they lacked the requisite tools to locate the car.

The ferry director also said they had noticed the incident later and there was “nothing we could do,” even after videos of the scene having been widely shared online.

The incident happened a few metres away from the ferry which normally has a full crew, with its operator placed a vantage position to notice all the action around and call for help.

Goa notified the press that his office had quashed plans by friends and family of the ferry victims to hire private divers.

This, he said, was after consulting with the Kenya Navy officials who said such an operation would be risky if done by unqualified persons.

He added that the Likoni channel has two ferries that are dangerous due to their propensity to break down in the course of their journey.

As Monday came to a close with zero presence of divers at the accident scene, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko sent his crew of divers in a chopper to Mombasa County with the hope of getting closure to the affected family.

The family and friends of the late Mariam Kigenda, 35 and her 4-year-old Amanda Mutheu continue with their wait at the cold shores of the Likoni channel.


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