9 People Brutally Murdered in Fresh Tribal Clashes

Red Cross personel attending to the injured during a past inter-clan clash

Nine people were on Tuesday killed following a clash between two communities in Banisa Constituency in Mandera County.

Reports indicated that the Garreh and Dogodia clans went to war after claims of a staged ambush by one of the tribes.

It was indicated that the gunmen from the Dogodia clan raided Doomai village which belongs to the Garreh, and executed the residents of the area.

Further information highlighted that the attack was carried out at dawn when the villagers were asleep.

Houses burning after a tribal war in Mandera County

The injured had been rushed to Banisa Sub-county hospital for treatment.

Police personnel had been sent to the area to control the situation before it escalated any further.

In June this year, five people sustained injuries following a fight that ensued between two clans in Burmayo along the Mandera-Wajir border.

Mandera West Deputy County Commissioner Kipkoech Labatt who had confirmed the incident, had revealed that the five had crossed into Wajir County in search of food and water for their livestock.

“Five people are being treated at Takaba Sub-County Hospital with different injuries after they clashed over grazing fields inside Wajir but the situation is calming.” remarked Labatt.

Mandera Governor Ali Roba in May had called for peace between the warring communities in the area as the residents could not afford to live in constant fear.

Mandera Governor Ali Roba during a past event

In that month, one person had been killed at the Ethiopian border after the Garreh and Dogodia clans had come to blows.

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